Research is about gaining the insights needed to connect the dots in new ways. We dig deep to surface opportunities for fresh strategies and signature programs that engage diverse, multigenerational audiences.


We also keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the social change sector. Download our national study that provides a fresh look at board engagement.



California State PTA

Market research, signature program development and implementation

Funded with a grant from the Hewlett Foundation, our team conducted a yearlong, statewide research project among diverse populations of elementary school parents to gauge parent interest in supporting the arts in their schools. The findings revealed a more fundamental need that dwarfed every other issue: parents from all walks of life are hungry for training in how to make schools work better for their child. Upon sharing the research results with our client, the entire focus of the project changed. Our research led to the development of an innovative “School Smarts” academy that educates parents in how children learn, how schools work and, ultimately, how their involvement with the school makes the critical difference in their child’s success. Designed and implemented under 2B's direction, the School Smarts program has expanded to schools throughout the state, graduated thousands of parents and recently received the National PTA's first-ever award for diversity and inclusion.

2B Services: English- and Spanish-language focus groups; in-depth interviews; site visits; online survey conducted in English, Spanish and Chinese; program branding, development and implementation

American Psychological Association

Member and consumer research

The American Psychological Association is the premier organization for psychologists, serving more than 150,000 professionals. As the APA Practice Organization’s chief branding and marketing consultant, we have conducted and implemented dozens of member and consumer surveys, focus groups and national polls to gauge audience understanding of issues related to membership, health and psychological well-being. When national concern spiked due to an increase in school violence, we conducted research to identify what messages and strategies would both reach and help youth and parents. The result was a national youth anti-violence campaign that was developed for APA in partnership with MTV. Other 2B research findings have been used to develop innovative ways to advance engagement among members and the public, identify how and when to implement a dues increase, reposition federal advocacy as a high-value member benefit, and more. Our creative work, employing the insights gained through research, has received numerous top industry awards.

2B Services: Focus groups, quantitative surveys, national polling, campaign strategy, branding and creative, website development, grassroots mobilization, partnerships.

University of Southern California

Research program for freshman recruitment

USC sought to increase awareness and attract students from targeted geographic and demographic segments. To inform this effort, a comprehensive research program was undertaken that included a series of in-depth interviews with high school college counselors around the country, internal interviews with recruiters at each academic unit, secondary research of peer institutions, and focus groups with current USC students representing key demographic groups. Results were used to formulate new freshman outreach and communications strategies, which we continue to help implement via publications for and research among high school college counselors.

2B Services: Focus groups, interviews, surveys, strategy development, creative (design and writing)

Participant Media

Millennial research

To increase student engagement in environmental issues, we conducted qualitative and quantitative studies for Participant Productions (now Participant Media) to gain a better understanding of student interest and involvement in social issues. The project included organizing free screenings of An Inconvenient Truth for nearly 1,800 high school and middle school students over an eight-week period. In addition, a group of 250 at-risk high school summer-session students were administered pre- and post-film viewing surveys. As a result, the film company changed its message to young people and awarded a grant to Santa Monica High School for a student environmental action task force to involve local businesses in environmental efforts. For the film Chicago 10, 2B conducted screenings and focus groups with high school and community college students to explore the role that a documentary film about student protests could potentially play in inspiring today’s students to take action. The results were used to edit and reposition the film to resonate more effectively with these audiences.

2B Services: Focus groups for students in middle school, high school and college


User acceptance testing for volunteer training portal

As one of the nation’s powerhouse fundraising and volunteer organizations, the ADA set out to expand its onboarding and volunteer training capacity for individuals who fill a wide variety of roles throughout the country. 2B was engaged to develop the methodology and conduct user acceptance testing with representative users. The insights gained from this process informed several modifications to both the content and user experience. Prior to providing testing services, 2B developed a custom online engagement website for consumers of all ages who wanted to share their stories about diabetes via photos, video and personal storytelling.

2B Services: Testing methodology, conducting user testing sessions, custom web interactive design and development.

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